Saturday, May 21, 2016

Subject Indexing Process

Information Access Through The Subject

Subject Indexing Process


A new article in the Librarianship Studies & Information Technology blog  provides an exhaustive description of Subject Indexing Process


  • What is an index?
  • What are the most trusted definitions of an index?
  • What is subject indexing?
  • What is the subject indexing process?

          The term ‘index’  has been derived from the Latin word ‘indicare’ which means to indicate or to point out. Here it refers to guide to a particular concept in a document.
          Index is a systematic guide of items contained in a document or concepts derived from it. Items denote the name of the author, title, etc.; concepts may be  like classificationcataloguing, etc. To elaborate a bit more it may be said that an index is a systematic guide to the items of published literature in a collection, or concepts derived from a collection.
          The purpose of index is to locate and retrieve the needed items or concepts in a collection.
          An index is consist of entries. Each entry is a unit of an index. These entries are arranged in a systematic order.  ... ... ... ... (Visit below link to read complete article)