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Librarians Personality Development

Librarians Personality Development


Personality Development and Personal Development of Librarians and library professionals are explained here. This section starts with a background and definition of a librarian, followed by a brief description of personality development, personal development, and why it is so important for librarians to possess an impressive and strong personality. Contents of broad areas determined to work on for Librarians Personality Development is then provided which covers topics such as, education, willpower, habits control, health, lifestyle, technology and communication skills.


My 8 Library and Information Science blogs including Resource Description & Access (RDA) and Librarianship Studies & Information Technology are a reflection of my quest for knowledge in Library and Information Science. 

The articles written in these blogs started with my desire to learn about those topics. For this, I use to carry out extensive study and research on those subjects and write in an organized way so that I may refer to the presented information later on, whenever I need. I do this, as the capacity of the brain is limited to hold and remember information. At the same time, I thought there are many library professionals who desire to learn for the same information, so I also share the information about the articles published on my LIS blogs through the social media.

In continuation of my quest for professional knowledge on library issues, I also thought to learn how I can better my personality. Hence, I have started this new section on my personal blog Salman Haider named Librarians Personality Development


According to Glossary of Library and Information Science, "A librarian is a person who is in charge of or works professionally in a library and is responsible for its management and services. Librarian takes care of the library and its resources. Typical job of a librarian includes managing collection development and acquisitions, cataloging, collections management, circulation, and providing a range of services, such as reference, information, instruction, and training services, etc. ... ... ... Librarians are regular people who have interests in all sorts of different thing. Strong libraries build strong students and it is the librarian who actually manages the functions and services of the library. In an academic setup students performance improves significantly with high librarian collaboration. ... ... ... New age librarians are not mere bookworms, they are high-tech information professionals, and clever communicators, helping patrons dive in the oceans of information available in books and digital records." (Read full article: Librarian : Glossary of Library & Information Science)


Personality is the sum total of all physical, mental, and emotional attitudes, values, interests, and motivational factors. Personality is the core potential that determines one's success in life and career.


Personality development is defined as the relatively enduring pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another. The dominant view in the field of personality psychology today holds that personality emerges early and continues to change in meaningful ways throughout the lifespan.


Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.


Librarians are the face of the library, and it is important they possess an impressive and strong personality. Following broad areas are determined to work on to achieve a strong personality and for the overall personal development of library and information science professionals:


  • About Personality / Personal Development
  • Education / Learning / Mind Power Techniques
  • Willpower / Habits Control / Time Management
  • Health / Workout / Yoga
  • Lifestyle / Positivity
  • Technology / Gadgets
  • English Language / Communication Skills

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Articles on general guidelines for personality and personal development. This section also includes articles not covered by other mentioned sections of Librarians Personality Development.


Articles on Education / Learning / Mind Power Techniques


Blog articles on strengthening Willpower, Self Control, Habits Control, and Time Mangement.


Blog articles presentations and videos on Health / Workout / Yoga:
  • Librarians Personality Development - Exercises and Workout [Librarians are the face of the library, and it is important they possess an impressive and strong personality. For Librarians Personality Development the primary and foremost thing is health. Nowadays in modern libraries, most of the works by the librarians are done on the computer and their sedentary lifestyle makes them unfit. After the age of 40 many library professionals develop symptoms of cervical and spondylitis, big tummy, put on weight, etc. due to their unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity. Exercises for librarians and computer users in office and home are given in this blog post to help library professionals become active, healthy, and regain proper body shape. Bookmark this blog post and visit frequently in office and home, and do as many exercises and workouts to see the positive impact and transformation in your personality yourself. The whole body exercises especially useful for professionals who are too busy at office and home, spend too much time on a computer, and don't get time to go to gym.] ... ...
  • Gym Workout Schedule and Diet Plan [Gym Workout Schedule and Diet Plan for a Healthy Body. Bodybuilding has a lot of impact on personality development. The first impression of your personality is your physical looks and body. This comprehensive article will help you in your bodybuilding plan.] ... ... 
  • Health Fitness Aging [External articles on preventive health, fitness, and aging shared on the Google+ Collection - Personality Personal & Self Development] [In Process/Under Development] ... ... 
  • Happy Healthy New Year 2017 to Library Professionals [Dear Library and Information Science Professionals, wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year 2017] ... ...
  • Healthy Food Recipes [Healthy Food, Recipes, and Diet Plan to complement with your Workout] [In Process/Under Development]


Articles on Lifestyle and Positivity:


Articles on Technology and Gadgets:


Articles on English Language and Communication Skills:



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