Sunday, December 27, 2015

Personality Development Tips for Librarians

Librarians Personality Development

Top Personality and Personal Development Tips for Library and Information Science professionals for Librarians Personality Development:
  1. Groom and Dress Yourself Up
  2. Stand straight, Stand tall
  3. Speak slowly and meticulously
  4. Stop comparing and kill your inner critic
  5. Think positive
  6. Or at least, don't think negative
  7. Try to calm yourself down
  8. Smile often and be emphatic
  9. Focus on problem solving
  10. If you are not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist?
  11. Take care of and improve your health: Do exercises and workout with or without a gym
  12. Do not indulge in self-appreciation 
  13. Be polite to others
  14. Try to be a little clever while talking but don't overdo it 
  15. Take care of your face expression 
  16. Take care of your body language 
  17. Better your English speaking skills 

  • "I didn't complete my university..."--Bill Gates
  • "I stitched shoes in my childhood..."--Abraham Lincoln 
  • "I used to serve Tea to support my football training..."--Lionel Messi