Sunday, November 29, 2015

Place of Publication in RDA & AACR2 & MARC 21 Examples

Resource Description and Access RDA


A place of publication is a place associated with the publication, release, or issuing of a resource. (RDA Rule ... … … (Visit link mentioned above to read complete article)

  • How is Place of Publication defined in RDA
  • Where are Rules for Place of Publication in RDA
  • What are the Sources of Information for Place of Publication in RDA 
  • How is Place of Publication Transcribed / Recorded in Resource Description and Access (RDA)
  • More than One Place of Publication
  • Language or Script
  • Place of Publication Not Identified
  • LC-PCC PS 
  • RDA vs AACR2: 3 Changes from AACR2 Regarding Place of Publication 
  • MARC 21 Field 264
  • RDA Examples of Recording Place of Publication in MARC 21 Field 264
  • RDA Examples of Recording Place of Publication in RDA and AACR2

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