Thursday, April 23, 2015


Professional achievements, felicitations, and awards won by Salman Haider in his career as a librarian and cataloger:
  • Customer Service Award at Library [August 2015]. [CITATION: For your exemplary service and extraordinary effort.] 
  • Extra-Mile Award at Library [2014]. [CITATION: Mr. Salman Haider, Senior Cataloger/Selector in the Cataloging Division, is hereby awarded an Extra Mile Award for having successfully implemented RDA, a new international cataloging standard, while carrying out his regular duties and special assignments in a highly commendable manner.] 
  • Meritorious Honor Award at Library [2008]. [CITATION: Meritorious Honor Award in recognition to outstanding performance delivered during the past three years, in spite of significant additional responsibilities and fewer resources.] 
  • Made as One Point Contact for all the Library Technical Processing Activities at ISB Library. [2005]. 
  • Team Leader for ‘Foreign Official Documents’ section (FOD) and the ‘Indian Official Documents’ Section (IOD) of the National Library of India for the National Library MARC-21 Retro Conversion Project [2004].